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Functional identity of dominant species in a predator community prevails over functional diversity in shaping the top-down control of herbivores
Rusch A, D'Ottavio M, Hénon N, Joubard B, Thiéry D, Muneret L
Biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services and organic viticulture: A glass half-full.
Beaumelle L, Giffard B, Tolle P, Winter S, Entling MH, Benítez E, Zaller JG, Auriol A, Bonnard O, Charbonnier Y, Fabreguettes O, Joubard B, Kolb S, Ostandie N, Reiff JM, Richart-Cervera S, Rusch A
Local management and landscape composition affect predatory mites in European wine-growing regions.
Möth S, Richart-Cervera S, Comsa M, Herrera RA, Hoffmann C, Kolb S, Popescu D, Reiff JM, Rusch A, Tolle P, Walzer A, Winter S
General trends of different inter-row vegetation management affecting vine vigor and grape quality across European vineyards.
Griesser M, Steiner M, Pingel M, Uzman D, Preda C, Giffard B, Tolle P, Memedemin D, Forneck A, Reineke A, Leyer I, Bacher S
Organic viticulture leads to lower trade-offs between agroecosystem goods but does not improve overall multifunctionality
Ostandie N, Giffard B, Tolle P, Alonso Ugaglia A, Thiery D, Rusch A
Pesticide use in vineyards is affected by semi-natural habitats and organic farming share in the landscape
Etienne L, Franck P, Lavigne C, Papa√Įx J, Tolle P, Ostandie N, Rusch A
Multi-community effects of organic and conventional farming practices in vineyards
Ostandie N, Giffard B, Bonnard O, Joubard B, Richart-Cervera S, Thiéry D, Rusch A
Benefits of increased cover crop diversity for predators and biological pest control depend on the landscape context
Beaumelle L, Auriol A, Grasset M, Pavy A, Thiéry D, Rusch A
Pest control services provided by bats in vineyard landscapes
Charbonnier Y, Papura D, Touzot O, Rhouy N, Sentenac G, Rusch A
The shape of the predator biomass distribution affects biological pest control services in agricultural landscapes
Ostandie N, Muneret L, Giffard B, Rusch A
Organic farming expansion drives natural enemy abundance but not diversity in vineyard-dominated landscapes
Muneret L, Auriol A, Bonnard O, Richart-Cervera S, Thiéry D, Rusch A
Biodiversit√© fonctionnelle en viticulture et services de r√©gulation naturelle des ravageurs : quels leviers d’action ?
Organic farming at local and landscape scales fosters biological pest control in vineyards
Muneret L, Auriol A, Thiéry D, Rusch A
Biological protection against grape berry moths. A review
Thi√©ry D, Lou√Ępre P, Muneret L, Rusch A, Sentenac G, Vogelweith F, Iltis C, Moreau J
Chauves-souris prédatrices des tordeuses : c’est confirmé.
Papura D, Charbonnier Y, Rusch A, Inzirillo P, Sentenac G
Deployment of organic farming at a landscape scale maintains low pest infestation and high crop productivity levels in vineyards
Muneret L, Thiéry D, Joubard B, Rusch A
Grape moth density in Bordeaux vineyards depends on local habitat management despite effects of landscape heterogeneity on their biological control
Rusch A, Delbac L, Thiery D
Conserving species-rich predator assemblages strengthens natural pest control in a climate warming context
Drieu R, Rusch A
Early detection and identification of larval parasitoids in Lobesia botrana using PCR-RFLP method
Papura D, Rusch A, Roux P, Delbac L, Thiéry D
Avian pest control in vineyards is driven by interactions between bird functional diversity and landscape heterogeneity
Barbaro L, Rusch A, W. Muiruri E, Gravellier B, Thiery D, Castagneyrol B
Local and landscape effects of agricultural intensification on Carabid community structure and weed seed predation in a perennial cropping system
Rusch A, Binet D, Delbac L, Thiery D
Bien √©valuer les d√©g√Ęts d‚ÄôEud√©mis en premi√®re et deuxi√®me g√©n√©ration pour mieux g√©rer la lutte.
Delbac L, Thiéry D
Organic farming and host density affect parasitism rates of tortricid moths in vineyards
Ruscha A, Delbaca L, Munereta L, Thiérya D